Trying to make it fit!

I seem to spend my life trying to fit in or getting things to fit.

Whether it's fitting into society, fitting into jeans, getting others to fit in with my ideal or trying to fit everything in - life just seems to be about making it fit.

But how much of what I'm trying to fit is like trying to get a square peg into a round hole?
What if I'm the round hole and am trying to change a square peg person to be round - or trying to change myself to be square?!
I'm not made to change completely - into something I'm not and neither are others. Even with God it's no use praying that He will make that complete change.

But God, can change us
He smooths out rough edges, shapes us and stretches us so we grow.
So when you have this square and this circle and you smooth them out and stretch them - it just happens, without even realising all of a sudden you're both an oval!! And that fits.
With a little understanding of why God changes me, with a lot of obedience as he does and an open heart that He willing fills with joy He gently changes my shape to make it all fit.

So I've stopped trying to force things to fit and sit with an open heart and mind and allow God to make things fit as only He knows how.

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  1. Thank you for this post. I struggle with this too...I'm either trying to fit myself into something I'm not meant to fit into or trying to get others to fit into my perception of how things should be. Change is always difficult, whether its slow or sudden. But if its of God then he gives us the strength and grace for whatever he has for us :)