Who has the oars?

This is a Psalm I wrote at a conference in March 2008 - this was during a turning point in my life as I worked out what it really meant to follow God.

Here I sit, in this boat, that's my life
I have the oars to direct it, I am in control;
and yet, here I sit, going nowhere too slowly
I struggle and I splash, but still barely move

Beyond, I can see the expanse of calm water
the possibility of life stretched far out before me
I cannot reach it, my boat sits still and firm
exhausted I fall and cry out to God.

'Why, oh Lord won't my boat just get moving,
why don't you help me to get under way?'
and there on the bank He stands magnificent before me
I gaze over in wonder at the unfathomable sight.

In silence I pour out my pain and frustration
in abundance God answers with love and assurance
without a word I can see eternal acceptance
and my trust in the Lord is alive once again.

As I give Him the oars of my life and emotions
a ripple of fear runs deep through my veins
until I look in His face and see joy and forgiveness
excitement returns as He rows gently, the right way.


  1. This is beautiful. Thankyou.

  2. May we all surrender to His way as He gently leads us...beautiful.