Do you know how important you are?

This morning I sat - staring into a cup of coffee trying hard to ignore the mess around me - Oh! the joy of having a new kitchen fitted. And now I'm late!
Tuesday morning's I visit an elderly lady and in 5 years I've never been late without calling ahead - I hate being late, in fact usually I'm early, but today I'm late.

And so I arrive, late, only 15 minutes, but late and find my dear lady rather upset. Thinking something must have happened or maybe she's unwell we sit to chat. Do you know what she tells me? She was worried, in that short 15 minutes she had worried that perhaps I'd had an accident, or some catastrophe or was unwell.

Whilst I was selfishly throwing myself a little pity party into my coffee cup, she was worrying.

It hit me! Like a train. 

That weekly visit was important to her, I wasn't just the home help, she cared about me.

While I stressed and fussed over the house looking like a building site, I had caused someone else worry. What a waste, what was the point? 
And what about the girlfriends I haven't caught up with for the last couple of weeks because I've been too busy, too tired or just stressed.
No wonder I'm stressed I have put aside any relaxation, any time for a coffee and a chat with those dear friends that love me.

For what? 
Home improvement and dust!! 
These are the not eternal things, what I'm neglecting impacts eternity. 

Even God, time with Him, has been pushed aside to try and keep on top of the mess or to decorate this bit or that. Priority has gone askew and somewhere at the bottom of the pile is relationships. No wonder I am exhausted. God is priority for a reason, God encourages relationships for a reason.

So today I have learnt that I am important to many people around me and when my routine gets knocked out or I don't make time for them, it affects them. What I do affects people around me because they care. How much more important then am I to God. He worries when I'm stressed, He misses me when I have no time,  because he cares.
Yes, it's biblical to look after the home but the eternal stuff, the spirit enriching things, come from relationships.

Take stock of those around you, is there someone you need to text, call or go and have a coffee with? Do it, do it now.

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  1. I enjoyed your post on how your life and decisions affect others. I also know what it is like to get caught up in the things of life and not make time for God. But I always find my way back to God and quickly because He is a priority in my life.