What everything?

This week I have been looking at Philippians 2 and was really struck by verse 14
"Do everything without complaining or arguing".

Really think about this, I did! 
And I thought 'What everything?'

I am a positive person, try to see the best in all but even I, look at the washing up and my mind protests, the vacuuming causes a groan or I'm really busy and the phone's ringing and I think 'Oh go away'.

This is complaining! 

Even though I know that getting these things done makes me feel better, I still groan. How much better would things be if I faced them positively, doing everything as if I was doing it for Jesus himself?

I find my self really challenged by doing everything without complaining or arguing.
When someone asks something of me and I start the sentence with 'But', that protest is the beginning of an argument.

Is it possible to do everything without arguing or complaining?

Apparently it takes about 6 weeks to learn a habit, funnily enough that's about the same as lent. So that's my challenge to think of everything that I do and try to do it all without complaining or arguing.

This positive attitude to everything I do is part of what Paul talks about when he says about 'renewing the mind', learning new behaviours, new ways of dealing with things and more positive attitudes is all a renewing of the mind. It is all about bringing my life my in line with the Jesus I follow.

So I'm ready to face the challenge, with prayer, with love and without complaining!!


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