Humility before God

In my latest module I am looking at Spiritual Formations and part of my reading for the 'Meditation' section was Philippians 2.
This is such a well known chapter, that I worried what I would find that was new.
And yet when coming before verses with the right heart, God makes the old and familiar, new and exciting.

Meditation is a new venture, normally I would read a verse, read the reading notes for that day, pray and then get on with my day. Meditating on these verses helped explain the importance of proper heart time.

I have been really struck by the word 'humility'. When meditating on God's word, I found that I needed to be humble, not just with other people but with God.

To surrender my own understanding of what the verses are saying and allow God the space to reveal to me what it means. I can often come to a verse and think 'I know it', but to let go of that and read the verse over and over meant I let go of my way of interpreting it or working out it's meaning to make sense of it.

To really sit, surrender and listen is hard. I can sit still (mostly) and ponder a thought, try to work it out. To actually surrender my own understanding and let God work the verses into me was a whole new experience.
Only when the mind stops struggling, can I hear God's whisper. Only when my will surrenders can God's will really take over.

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