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When I see disasters or sad events on the news, I tend to always offer up a prayer for God to be with them to comfort them. Today I have been challenged by Jesus, through Matthew 9: 37 & 38.

In lands far away there is nothing I can do but pray for peace, I am too far away. Yet,  I'm not the only Christian in the world! In these two verses Jesus tells us to pray to God for more workers to be sent.
I have never before thought to ask God to send someone into the disaster area or to come alongside the grieving family of another dead soldier. I have prayed that He would give them comfort and peace, but to pray for him to send someone to give them comfort and shine into their lives, what an awesome idea.

It's a big world and a huge harvest, we must pray continually for more people to come to faith, for more people to be moved in their faith to step into difficult areas and situations, for more workers in the field.

Be careful! 
When you pray for God to send someone to do something or to help in a situation, 
He must just send you!
I want to have an Isaiah heart that say's "Here I am, send me". (Isaiah 6:8)
Be challenged today to pray for more workers and be prepared - that the worker might be you!

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