I need something in my life to hold me together...

That was a text I received from a beautiful friend who I have been walking alongside for the last 5 years.
She is not saved! What a challenge, what an invitation, what a heartbreaking cry!

What do I do?... that was my immediate question!

Severe depression, a lifetime of hurt, broken and lost.. I did the only thing I knew, I prayed! Then I text her back saying I was coming over, the I sent a request to all my girlfriends to pray for time and space for me to be able to pray with her.

I'd never done that before, prayed with someone who was not already saved. Scary!! I knew I needed God's help with time and space because she has a partner and 5 kids and I was going to her home, how could there be a moments peace???

Why do I ever worry? God had gone there before me. Her two girls were at Brigades, her partner decided to pop into work, her two youngest were asleep and her eldest was attached to a screen of one type or another, as teenagers are prone to!

But would I get the opening, would it be appropriate? Oh yes! right from the start we were in tears. I had text her the day before, as I often do, I text her because I felt prompted. Have you ever done that?
The tears started as she told me she had just become so overwhelmed and as she stood listening to her kids arguing and her partner shouting, she decided enough was enough, it was time to get out, there was no other way than to take her life. She is very depressed and often suicidal but this was like a final decision. 
No sooner had those thought entered her head, her phone beeped and it was my text, just saying Hi, reminding her I was here. She was reminded that she was loved, she was conscious that my texts always seem to come just when she needs them. And I was happy to tell her about God.

As I talked about how God loves us and how He knows our hurts, even when we don't know him and as I prayed in my heart, she stopped shaking, she stopped talking so fast and she visibly relaxed. She said she felt so calm and I told her that God was with us. I asked and she agreed that I could pray for her. After I'd prayed she hugged me and told me that whatever calming pills she took, she never felt this calm or at peace. It was beyond her understanding and almost beyond my ability to explain, but God's presence was everywhere and it was such a privilege to see Him at work in her and to see her at rest in Him.

I wouldn't say she made a commitment, but she made a huge step towards God's saving grace. So be encouraged, if you are walking alongside a friend and your heart breaks because they don't know Jesus, they can see Him in you and through you He is working in them.

If you don't know God's grace and you need something to hold you together then this verse is for you and I pray it over you.

'He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together'. Colossians 1:17


  1. Oh well done! for your obedience and your courage and listening to Him who goes before and gives us words. Praying for your friend, that the glimpse she got of our Friend might lead her closer and closer.
    Bless you.
    PS - yes, I'm thanking Sharon for introducing us! :-)