Bridging the gap

I have been challenged for years by Paul's instruction to Titus for the "older to teach the younger"

Personally for me this has meant that I follow God's calling because I see the importance of teaching the youth and that I appreciate the teaching of friends I have that are 30 years or more my senior.

A while I go I spoke at a Ladies fellowship meeting, where everyone was well above retirement age and I spoke about this passage. I have learned, when I worked as a carer and through time spent with much older friends that the knowledge held in these wise minds is invaluable and I wanted them to know how valuable they are. I wrote about it here.

After the meeting one of the ladies thanked me and then said "All you need to do now is tell the younger congregation!"

She's right, it was all well and good speaking to this older generation and telling them how valuable the knowledge and wisdom of their generation is to me, but I know that because I've spent time with people who are not my age.

What about the rest of church? 

There are not only divisions through different denominations but within our churches themselves. Their is a huge gaping chasm between the generations. This is a gap that is need of a bridge.

Mentoring schemes are wonderful, and yet they are normally only given by those who feel they have that kind of gifting. Everyone is able to talk to another person no matter their age.

If the older generation are not teaching the younger generation then who is? TV, Media, film stars with their rock and roll lifestyle. Who doesn't want someone to walk alongside them that has lived through much of what they are going through now.

How hard would it be to bridge the gap in churches? I feel challenged......

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