Stepping into darkness

I am a list person...

My lists are full of;
  • projects 
  • end results
  • things to do
  • I like to do
  • I want to know what end result is required and I want to get on with it.

I do not like planning meetings, I don't want to go through the process step by step! I just want to get to the end result, I can do it if I know where I'm headed, I will get it done, in my way, in the required time and by whatever means are available.

If I know the plan I will get it done!

But... God doesn't work like that! How frustrating. He doesn't tell me the plan, he doesn't let me in on the end result, He doesn't tell me where I'm headed. What He gives me is the next step...

Sometimes this 'next' step doesn't relate any other step I've taken, there seems to be no reason for it and sometimes it looks entirely pointless, but it is all He is showing me and I can't see why... Frustrating!

And like Peter, in Matthew 16:22,  I find myself taking God aside and having a word... Why this way? We don't need to do this, there doesn't seem to be a reason, I won't have it!!!

And yet, If I don't submit to this step, how can I take the steps that follow which will, I know from previous dark steps, lead to the end result, the reasoning behind the step.

By not listening to God and submitting to his lead onto each step I become my own stumbling block. I am not focusing on God and His eternal plan, I am focused on what makes sense here on earth, now in this world.

Peter wanted to stop Jesus from submitting to the next step because it seemed senseless, only now as we have a view of the whole plan can we see the necessity of taking such a difficult and seemingly pointless step.

If God is pointing to a step then He knows what He's doing. I know that as I take this one step, He will show me the next one and at some point I will look back and see a whole flight of steps.

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