You are valuable - no matter your age

Recently I talked to a Ladies Fellowship group, all were over the age of retirement!
What on earth was I going to teach these ladies about God or His word or living a fruitful life??

Terrified - you bet!

I was challenged when I overhead two older ladies at a conference talking about the fact that at their age, they no longer thought God could use them, they felt they were past it. If women of a certain age were thinking this then I really felt God telling me I had to look at why that is not true!

From my experience working as a carer to the elderly, my regular visits to an elderly friend and the friendship of trusted friend who is 30 years my senior, I knew that these women had plenty that could be used by God, they just didn't know it.

God directed me to Titus and Paul's instruction for the older women to teach the younger. I love this verse, it is what keeps me teaching and speaking. This teaching wasn't about Bible knowledge it was about living.

So I shared how I had learnt how to manage my home because in their day certain jobs were done on certain days and they stuck to this routine, so it never got out of hand. How they were brought up that you didn't run at the first sign of trouble in a marriage but you worked at it, and yes it's supposed to be hard work, divorce was not the easy option. I told them how important it was that younger generations are reminded of what it was like to play outside, to play together, face to face not on the internet, to respect others and to value their own purity.

I wanted these ladies to understand how valuable they are now to the generations below them. How just the fact that they have lived and learned, played, cried, hurt and struggled means they are desperately needed by God. And they don't have to teach it! I didn't learn these things through a lesson, I learnt by talking and listening.

I encouraged them to connect with someone much younger than them and just talk about life.

By following Paul’s advice for the older women to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children and how to be busy at home, without it being a stress,  maybe we can make the lives of today’s women just a little bit easier. And the older women won't be overhead wondering if they are still useful to God.

No matter your age go and find a friend with a 30 year age difference and start learning together.

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  1. Hello! I found you via the post you left at Sharon Jaynes Facebook... as you say, not many of us in the UK; the US seems to have a much more developed Christian Womens' blog network.
    I like this post; I recently heard someone very wise say that every woman should have an older person as an informal 'mentor' and do the same for a younger woman as well. I have much to learn...
    Thankyou for your insights.