What about 'me' time?

I often find myself rushing around, busy and getting annoyed because I feel like I'm missing our on 'me' time.

I go to work, as soon as I get home I get changed and take the dog for a walk, today this could have been closely followed by taxi service for my son (plans change!), then it's thinking about, shopping for and sorting dinner, in time for my husband to come home and then it's his time, somewhere in the middle there's housework!

I go from employer, mother, dog walker, wife, homemaker and back again throughout the day, every day!

What do I want from my 'me' time?

For me it is having the time to sit and blog (Like now I have the time because of above mentioned plan changes!), to sit and study God's word, do some study for my course, type up some notes from a sermon, prepare for a talk, etc.... the sort of stuff that brings me deep into God's presence and makes me feel like I am moving forward with Him, for Him.

I read a wonderful devotion today http://www.girlfriendsingod.com/2012/doing-laundry-for-the-glory-of-god/ all about experiencing and practising God's presence in everyday life and this really made me question my need for 'me' time and more importantly how I let it effect me.

  • My job - I work as an administrator in a church it's not my passion or my calling but it is my natural ability (I love admin! and I'm good at it). By taking on the admin I enable others to get on with their ministry / calling.
  • God gave me a husband, a child and a home, doing things for them is a joy and is serving God looking after what he has blessed me with. 
  • Walking the dog allows often feels like a chore, but once I'm out it allows me time to and space to unpack what I've done at work and plan the rest of my day, it gives me quiet time to pray and appreciate God's beauty.

So as I walked the dog and thought about these things I realised the only thing stopping me having the 'me' time I wanted in God's presence was me! Just taking a different view on all the hats I wear throughout the day and inviting God into each thing put me slap bang in the presence of God no matter what I was doing.

My 'me' time was there all along, I just couldn't see it.

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  1. I read that post too! The different school run this term gives me time to walk on my own, and also to chat with my daughters and instead of thinking of it as a chore I need to change the way I think. God is always there waiting for us to connect.
    Thanks for making me think.