Can you see the gift?

I was asked to read this book this week - it's really hard to read a book as if you don't know the ending! Trying to think how it would come across to those who don't know the love of God.

For me, reading it, was a great back to basics reminder that what I know really is good news - Why can't everyone see it?

It is a really easy flowing book to read and it's challenging. It made me want to go out and buy half a dozen and send them to those I know who don't see it, with a little note saying "Look, read, can you see? It is good news and it's for you, free!".

There will be many that read the book and others who go on a Christianity Explored course and still not see it, that will not hear and do not listen.

Even when people see the joy and peace surrounding believers, the difference in the way they live that makes them question - even if they want that peace, some still will not see it.

As Christians, we are left to mourn the wandering souls and continue to pray that in time their eyes will be opened, their ears would hear and their hearts would be filled with the joy that only Jesus can give.

Until that time, join me and pray this week for someone you know that hasn't yet accepted this gift.

If you're reading this and don't yet know they joy & peace of Jesus in your life, take a look at the Christianity Explored website.

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