Meet Jesus today - Monday Ministry

This verse jumped out to me "Jesus himself stood among them" (Luke 24:36).

Do I really live as if Jesus is standing here with me? Today's technological world is both a blessing and a distraction - I can keep in touch with my friends half way across the world and with my friend 5 hours up country. I have many 'friends' I've never met. I love texting words of love, encouragement and blessings but...

Does all this technology stop me from booking in weekends to make the drive to see my friend up country or from meeting over coffee to encourage and love a friend? I often think I'm keeping in touch, but it's a remote kind of friendship.

My relationship with Jesus can be the same, I don't put the same amount of effort in to the time I spend with him that I would if he was actually here with me, in person. Yet, that is exactly what he promises. Jesus revealed himself physically to his disciples, even to the point of him letting them put their fingers into his wounds. Jesus stood among them and he stands with us now.

If I want to meet the risen Jesus in my everyday I have to remember that he stands with me. I need to be aware of those things that keep me remote from him and others. Whether it is distractions like TV or games that keep me from engaging or the harsh word I would never speak in front of Jesus. I need to be physically present with Jesus and take his message to others in person.

There is a place for remote communication (If there wasn't I wouldn't be writing this) but when we are using it instead of being present with others we are missing out on that opportunity for Jesus to use us to be present with those who need him.

I want to live this week as if Jesus were right here standing with me.

Now it's your turn.. What is it that really spoke to you yesterday, through your Church service, an on-line sermon, your devotions or a worship song you listened to. What can you take with you into everyday of this week? Link up I'd love to read it and you just might be the encouragement that someone  else needs.


  1. I think this is a fab idea (saw the Big Bible project RT) & hope it takes off.
    It's good to be challenged whether we are really connecting with people - I don't think technology always makes it less real, but it's good to ask the question of whether we are getting the right balance

    1. Thanks Jo - Technology certainly has it's place and for some it is their only way to connect on a regular basis, but that doesn't make it any less real. I think our hear attitude has a lot to do with it. Glad you added your blog link - off to read it now :)

  2. I know exactly what you mean.So easy to slip into seeing connecting with people as another job to get done. A friend sent me a text a while ago and said something encouraging; I was touched that I she thought of me and spontaneously decided to say hello. Next time I saw her I thanked her for the text. She replied that it was alright, no bother; she set an alarm on her phone to remind her to send me a text at a time in her schedule that she allocates to encouraging people. Somehow knowing that spoiled for me what I'd seen as a thoughtful and loving gesture. Was I over-sensitive, do you think?
    TEchnology can be a real help, and I've had some wonderfully meaningful and profound experiences with people I've never even met. As you say, we need to remember that at every keyboard sits a real person.
    And Jesus? No gadgetry necessary. He's right here, right now.
    Thanks Tania.

    1. Helen, I think as I schedule in time to pray, time to write and time to make calls then I don't think in detracts from the sentiment or meaning. I often think of texting someone at inconvenient times and then later when it's more convenient I completely forget. We live such busy and full lives that if we don't schedule in the little things they can easily become overlooked and forgotten. your friend schedules a time to encourage but it was you that came to her mind that day. Be encouraged :)