Monday Ministry - Is your blood enough?

Monday Ministry is about linking up and taking Sunday into the rest of the week
Too often as the service ends and the closing hymn plays my mind has already turned to who I need to speak to or my plans for the day. Even though I make notes I rarely come back to them.
What if I'm missing what God is trying to speak into my week?
So, whether you go to Church or not if there is a word that speaks to you, a prayer that touches your heart or a hymn or song that makes your Spirit soar; I want to encourage you to join me into bringing Sunday into the rest of your week and letting it minister to you (and others) from Monday.

"Your blood is enough to break every chain" (Deliverer - Vicky Beeching)

I love this song and we sing it often at our church and I sing those words with passion and meaning. Yet even as I sing it with my hands raised, do I take it with me, do I believe it?

Lord do I really live like I believe that you can break every chain? 

There are some things I still fret over, hold on to and try to fix and then only bring to you when all else fails. I allow these things to become a chain. Anger about a situation, worry over finances, sadness over ill health, fear about change and so many things...

When I take them and hold them before handing them to you I put myself in a place where I am not allowing your Spirit to take them and deal with them. I am refusing the freedom that you offer. I am not acknowledging that your blood is enough. 

The only thing I want to hold on to is your promise in this song and in your word:
"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom" (2 Corinthians 3:17).

I want to live a life without chains and in freedom knowing that Your blood is enough and is all I need.

Now it's your turn What challenged or spoke to you on Sunday that you want to take into this week or where do you need to know God's freedom from the chains on your life?

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