Share a prayer - Monday Ministry

Monday Ministry is about sharing and encouraging one another as we take Sunday into the rest of the week
Too often as the service ends and the closing hymn plays my mind has already turned to who I need to speak to or my plans for the day. Even though I make notes I rarely come back to them.
What if I'm missing what God is trying to speak into my week?
So, whether you go to Church or not if there is a word that speaks to you, a prayer that touches your heart or a hymn or song that makes your Spirit soar; I want to encourage you to join me into bringing Sunday into the rest of your week and letting it minister to you (and others) from Monday.

This week we did not have Sunday in our Church building, we had a party in the community park to celebrate our churches 150th birthday!

This celebration was preceded by a week of 24/7 prayer. Every hour someone somewhere was praying for vision, for our church, our community and for Sunday's celebration. Every night we had a worship and prayer hour. As a church we dreamed dreams, we had visions, we saw pictures, were given scripture and moved by God's grace and faithfulness. 

People who had never committed time to prayer were moved by how God spoke to them, families came together for the first time over scripture and an excitement was ignited to do this more. God spoke into people's individual lives and into the life of our church. 

We become grace filled disciples and grow in character and faith when we come to God in prayer, when we keep communication open we can expect to be changed. If your spiritual life feels stale, if you are struggling with scripture, if praying feels like a chore or has become a request list, then stop and come again before God.

Put the list to one side, don't use big words, don't try too hard or think you need more time. Take five minutes, right now if you can and pray:

Lord, sometimes I cannot grasp that joy and expectancy. 
I want to know you better so that my faith does not feel stale.
Increase your Spirit within me, 
give me your wisdom to understand the things you are trying to reveal to me, 
help me know you more.
Lord show me again the hope that produced excitement, 
open my heart to receive everything you have called me to, 
help me to live as the person you have already made me to be.
Lord fill me with your power and strength, 
so that I will not fear knowing that whatever I am facing 
you have already overcome it for me.
Lord this week fill me to overflowing as I come to you expectantly every day. 

(Based around Paul's prayer in Ephesians 1).

I would love to pray for you this coming week - why not share below how we can pray for you or link your own post about prayer and then pray for another. 

Or commit to pray this prayer this week and then come and share on Friday how God has spoken to you or changed you. I look forward to seeing the great things our God has in store for you.


  1. We had a prayer event that finished last year at church and I learned so much. I've linked up with the post I wrote then and I was amazed reading it through at how much work God has done in me since then as well. It's wonderful - something I never realised is how exciting prayer can be. How, with practice, it is possible to have a two way conversation with God - the creator of the universe will stop and chat with me. There are no words for it.
    Thank you for this, Tania. So much to say about prayer!

    1. It has been great to discover the excitement of prayer and bring it home - I've got a great little book by Stormie Omartian called "A little book of powerful prayers" and it has been :)

  2. Hi Tania,

    Lovely post and prayer :)

    I would very much value your prayers;
    . For my ministry work to grow,
    . To be aware of God's leading for every step I Take,
    . To hold onto the confident hope we have through our Saviour, keeping my eyes fixed on Him, through the tough times.

    Thank you for your encouragement and kindness.

    1. Anita, The Lord answers you He has always been with you wherever you go and will be ahead of you, continue to worship him. Genesis 35:3 "Then come, Let us go to Bethel, where I will build an altar to God, who answered me in my day of distress and who has been with me wherever I have gone" The success of your ministry will be as an altar to God, people will see and know it is Him.

    2. Thanks so much Tania, I really value your reply. I will spend time reflecting on this over the weekend.
      Bless you :)

      Is there a way I can subscribe by email, to be updated of your new posts? As your writing is such a blessing to read.

  3. Hi Tania.

    I just wanted to let you know that I have added your blog to a guest post I wrote, '50 Christian women bloggers to follow'.