The heart's desire

"Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"
Psalm 37:4
A promise from God

Desire is a funny thing and means completely different things to different people. When I was young my desire was to run and jump and have ice-cream. 
As I got into my teens my desires changed and became a lot more confusing, they soared one way and then another and I desired many things, boys, power, independence, money and rebellion.
I hit my twenties and these desires calmed some, became more controllable and changed a little adding to money, a job, a home and need to be more settled. 

All of these desires were strong, they had the power to consume me and become a real life focus and yet I don't think, looking back, I could ever say that they were a delight.
The fulfilment of desire brings images of happiness and contentment, of needs being met and a heart being settled and yet these desires even when achieved never gave me that.

I went into my thirties with a different take on life, now a Christian my views on a lot of things had changed including the meaning of desire. Desire is not something transient and fleeting, it cannot me instantly gratified and then sustained. What I thought of as desires of my heart were in fact the desires of my flesh or of my will.

The desires of our heart are not what we want but what the Spirit of God stirs in us, it is what God wants that becomes the desire of our heart. That real heart desire can only be recognised as we learn more about God, his character, his plan and how he loves us. Delighting ourselves in God does not give us the desire we want, it stirs the desire our heart needs and God wants for us.

Do not think about your desires and then draw closer to God hoping he will meet them but draw closer to God knowing that he will fill your heart with a desire right for you.


  1. Thanks, Tania, this made me stop and think - particularly the last sentence. It's easy to get hung up on our own desires and ambitions, instead of entrusting ourselves to God's plans.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and your encouraging comments :)

  2. My prayer is that God will fill my heart with His desires. Thanks for this beautiful post!

  3. Thank you for your comment Cintia - I pray he does too :)

  4. wow...I love this! I'm a firm believer...When the Bible says that God gives us "the desires of our heart" it's because those desires were put there by God, in the first place! Oh, if we could just get a handle on this!!! It's a matter of finding that 'thing' we were meant to do and go for it. I believe, with the desire, God gives the ability to do it! Love your post!

    I'm new to blogging ~ hope you girls will visit me, too!

    1. Welcome Renee - Your passion and joy is infectious. Welcome to the world of blogging - going on over to have a look :)