One small step - five minute friday

Five Minute Friday
Today I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker
We can often feel really small. The smallest I ever felt was on a cruise surrounded by nothing but sea and nothing on any horizon as the sea met the sky. It made me realise how small I am and how large the ocean is.
God makes me feel like that when he does something amazing.
Bigger than I could have thought
Braver than I could have dared
Bolder than I could have imagined
More wonderful than I could have dreamed

I don’t want to be held back in what God has for me by limiting myself to my thoughts, my courage, my imagination or my dreams. They are just small; they are a cruise ship bobbing about on the ocean.
Take a good look at an ocean liner. When you’re up close, when it’s surrounded by everything else, when it’s in a busy port then it looks huge, bigger than you may have first thought.

The plans, dreams, imaginings and thoughts that sometimes creep into  my head look like that, surrounded by the busyness of life, crowded in by everything else the idea looks huge; bigger than I can cope with and yet...
Put the ocean liner where it is supposed to be and the size is insignificant, you’re on board, you’re cruising, it’s going to plan.

Put those plans that God plants into the mind into action with him at the helm and size becomes insignificant, get on board, go cruising with God.

Taking that one step to get on board can make us feel very small but once there life can be amazing as we take on God sized dreams and meet him in his plans.


  1. "Put those plans that God plants into the mind into action" YES!!! it is amazing what he can do with our small plans when we follow HIS plan and let him take the helm. Beautiful!

    Came over from 5 minute Friday.


  2. Yes, the vastness of the ocean puts all things into perspective ...

  3. Fantastic thoughts on this word "small." I loved reading your voice. Thank you for sharing today.

    1. Thanks Debi for your comments and for stopping by :)