Trust, or a lesson in listening

The event is only three days away and bookings are low, too low for my liking.

Last week I was all set to cancel and yet I hesitated, God seemed to say "no, trust". So I pushed the door, if the venue needed a weeks notice, I'd cancel. After all it's going to cost me money. The venue didn't need any notice to cancel. This seemed to confirm it, just wait.

Another two days, a few unanswered emails and again I start to wonder, and I hesitate. I'll do what the Bible says, seek counsel. I contact the worship leader, she's going to be putting a lot of work in too. If she agrees with me, we'll cancel. She didn't agree with me, she told me God had put this event on my heart, trust him to see it through.

So now I'm waiting and I'm trusting in God. Yet, I wonder, what if in three days the day does not turn out well? Does that mean I can't trust God?

I was going to write this wondering post next week, once I knew the end of the story. Today, I realise that either way there is a lesson to be learned. If the day goes well, then my trust in God and my ability to hear him will be strengthened.

If it does not, then perhaps I need to learn to listen better. Is it what God put on my heart, or something my heart put to God? (Tweet this)

This is something we face every time we make a decision, take a risk and step out in faith. There is a moment of wondering whether it is God's voice or our own. There is a fear of failure or embarrassment. There is a sense of doubt that God can do, what we cannot.

If there is not a good number on they day, will I have failed? Will I feel better knowing that there is a lesson in listening to God? Probably not, but it reminds me that in the ups and the downs of life, God is there.

I have walked with God long enough to know that at some point, I will see a way in which God has used the outcome.

Nothing, no matter how it might look, is a failure. There is nothing that God cannot use. (Tweet this)

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