Choose to forgive - Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday     Writing for 5 minutes on the prompt from Lisa Jo Baker "Choose"

I hit 10,000 words in writing my new book and flick over to see what Lisa-Jo's word for today is as a little respite.

Choose - I have just been writing about forgiveness.

Forgiveness isn't letting someone get away with hurting you or giving in. It is not saying that what was done is okay. It is not forgetting.

Forgiveness is a choice. When I forgive I take control. I choose to no longer allow that feeling or emotion to take control of me. I choose to say that I will no longer allow that person or those actions to have an affect on my life today.

Forgiveness is hard because I want to have my say, I want to see justice but more than anything I want peace in my heart and that is what makes forgiveness possible.

Wanting that peace means I don't reply with what I really think to that email, it means that I don't try to defend myself when people speak lies about me, it means I don't bite back in an argument.

It can feel dissatisfying at first but the peace that comes from giving it over to God and trusting that he seeks justice is uplifting and releasing. I choose that pain will not rule over the joy of God in my heart.

"He won't brush aside the bruised and the hurt,
and he won't disregard the small and insignificant,
but he'll steadily and firmly set things right."
Isaiah 42:3 The Message


  1. Definitely. And if you choose not to forgive you choose a bitter heart rather than a joyful one. Well written :-)

    1. Thank you Nancy - May God bless you with Joyful heart always :)

  2. I REALLY like this, very "turn the other cheek" like. Thank you for this and I hope you don't mind if I share?

  3. Erika thank you for your encouragement - it is a blessing to me that you wish to share it thank you x