Why I write

It's great when writers get together to encourage one another and share a bit of themselves. I love reading about what motivates other writers, so I was thrilled to be invited to this blog hop by my dear friend Anita Hunt and to read her thoughts on writing.

As a writer it is good to stop and think again about why I write. The questions asked are the same for all of us but the answers and our recommended writers will be very different and I invite you to keep hopping through these blogs.

So the four questions...

What am I writing / working on right now?
My project at the moment comes from a talk I did at a conference called "Living in relationship with Jesus". I was challenged to put that into action and so created an online Bible study 31 days with Jesus, which starts on 1 August. I encourage you all to join in with the study and add your thoughts and comments on how God is speaking to you.

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The book I am working on is an extended accompaniment to the Bible study book "Let's Talk About... Sex and Relationships". Often a book is written and then a study book comes out of it - I like to be different and did it the other way around.

A personal project is writing the story about my life and how Jesus saved it. I don't know if this is something that will ever be published but it's certainly something God is using to help me grow.

How does my work differ from others of it's genre?
This is a really tough question - am I so different from other Christian writers? I guess every writer brings their own personality into their writing and I am known for being straight talking. I don't shy away from any subjects and tackle the taboos, hence the sex and relationships course and book.

I would like to think God uses me, and every writer, in ways that communicate his goodness to different people in a variety of ways.

Why do I write what I write?
How can I not when I have such an amazing God to write about? I want to encourage others to live in relationship and not religion. In a society that parades beauty and money as worth I want women especially, to grasp how valued they are by a God who sees them as a whole. I want to provide a space for women to talk, share and grow.

How does my writing process work?
At the moment I feel blessed by the good weather and a laptop which enables me to write in the garden with the dogs at my feet. My writing revolves around my dogs and my day starts with a walk on the headland, in the fields or on the beach. It clears my head, helps me prepare and wears them out so they sleep. I then write in 2 hour blocks, stopping for a short walk and lunch before settling down again to write until tea time and another walk.
Writing at home is difficult and I do find my writing disturbed by noticing household chores, which I try to ignore. Days when I get a good rhythm and balance are a blessing.

A couple of writers I love and a bit about them Save their pages and see why they write, next week on the blog hop.

Crystal - Living in green grass
Crystal is a wife of 12 years and a stay-at-home/school-at-home mom to two girls ages 8 and 10. She loves her job.

She has several connective tissue auto immune diseases like arthritis. While she struggles with multiple issues, the doctors have been unable to come to a firm diagnosis. It is through that struggle with the unknown that she learned about acceptance, love, and grace.

Because of her faith in God, Crystal has learned to be content in every situation. She believes in acknowledging and dealing with the bad, but dwelling on the brighter side of life.

Through that, she developed her life's motto: The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence but it is green enough here for me. Crystal blogs at Living in Green Grass where she shares her life of living in contentment. She also loves to share stories of other people. Real stories of struggle and celebration.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LivingInGreenGrassTwitter: @LivnNGrnGrass

Anna - Daisy Droplets
Anna studied Creative Writing and Sociology at University. After that, she trained as a Primary School Teacher and now spends her days writing letters to monsters, dressing up as a pirate and playing the digeridoo. 

Anna became a Christian at University and her blog, Daisy Droplets, is a patchwork of her life as a young(ish) Jesus follower in the 21st century and the odd bit of poetry.  

She is passionate about helping people, and her latest adventure is an Introductory course to Biblical Care & Counselling.


  1. Hi Tania,

    Thanks so much for joining the Writer's Blog Hop. I really loved reading more about you and your writing. Looking forward to your study :)
    God bless

  2. Hi Tania,

    I always enjoy reading about other writers' lives...Nice to meet you via Kelly B's blog link-up. How lovely to start your day walking on the beach.


    1. Thanks Dolly - It's been such an encouraging Link-up :)