10 days with Jesus - Living in Relationship

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Read Matthew Chapter 28

Just one chapter, but what a chapter. We start with those celebratory words "Jesus has risen" (in this online version).

The first thing I note from this chapter is that Jesus keeps his promises. In Matthew 20:17-19, Jesus tells his disciples that he will be raised to life on the third day and here he is.

How often in relationships of all kinds have promises been made and broken. Jesus does not break his promises.

Not that he appears immediately to his disciples, he appears first to the women, Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James, they were to take the news to the disciples. This was the first time that the 'good news' will be told, and it is done by women! (That's a whole other study sometime).

As the women hurried back notice how they were feeling, afraid yet full of joy. Of course they are full of joy, an angel has just told them that their beloved Lord is alive and will meet them in Galilee. So what's the fear? They have to go and tell everyone, this is a daunting prospect, they must go to where the disciples are waiting, over excited and giddy and tell them, and I guess anyone else who's listening, that in fact Jesus is not dead but has overcome death and is alive.

What are they afraid of? Being made to look stupid, being ridiculed, being called liars, being arrested, and maybe, a little afraid of what happens next.

This is where we have the full meaning of a relationship with Jesus, yes we get peace, we get joy and understanding, we get to know the secrets of the kingdom, power through prayer and eternal life but, we don't just get to hug all that goodness to ourselves like a security blanket.
We also need to go and tell people that Jesus is alive. So what's stopping you, what stops me? Could it be those exact same fears that the Mary's had.

The angel has already told them that Jesus will meet them in Galilee and yet we see in verse 9 that he suddenly meets the women as they rush toward where the disciples wait. Why? They are expecting to see him in Galilee, verse 10 seems to give the only reason; he came to reassure them. He came to tell them not to be afraid, and this is the same message he gives to us.

He tells us not to be afraid in these last verses before "The Great Commission". We are to go and make disciples of all nations, in the power and authority of Jesus's name and we are to do it without fear. We are the ones now preparing the way, we are to lift our voices. We are in relationship with Jesus, what is there to fear?

What is your biggest fear when sharing about your faith in the risen Jesus? How would it feel to be able to put aside the fear and allow the joy to bubble over? When have you known Jesus' reassurance?

Let's Pray...
Lord, I thank you that you keep your promises and that you care enough to come alongside me and reassure me. Help me to know your presence and live in the confidence that you are always with me. Lord, I want to banish fear and know the joy of sharing your victory. 

"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of age." (Matthew 28:20b NIV). Now that is a relationship promise! (Tweet it)
I can't wait to see what the gospel of Mark reveals, join me tomorrow in relationship with Jesus.

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  1. I went abseiling once! I'd listened through the briefing and watched carefully the instructor as he put the harness on, I'd even helped him to rig up the safety rope and the climbing rope - felt how strong they were anchored. I watched the first team member get to the edge and lean back into the harness and saw the he rope take the weight. When it was my turn why was i afraid to trust what I knew worked? I'd seen in the ropes and watched the harness hold. When I had Conquered my fear and started the journey the feeling was exhilerating, time seemed to stand still as I took in familiar surroundings from a new perspective. We HAVE been given a promise by the risen God - all we need is the faith to trust in that promise!