19 days with Jesus - Living in relationship

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Read Luke chapters 7-9

Feet are mentioned 11 times over these 3 chapters. All but one refer to Jesus' feet, kneeling before them is an important place and it's one that I've been to.

There comes a point in your Christian walk and relationship with God when you feel you're not getting any closer, the relationship we've been studying is not what you're experiencing. This is a feet moment.

Acknowledging your own sin and accepting that it is gone and forgiven through Jesus is much easier to process in the head than in the heart. You may know the full extent of your sin, you may accept that Jesus came to forgive sin but do you know that complete forgiveness in you heart?

Is your sin too big to face or do you feel it's not big enough? When the Pharisee question Jesus about allowing the sinful woman to touch him and cry at his feet (7:39), he tells them the parable of the money lender (7:36-50).
The verses seem to say, that if you have not sinned a lot in your life then Jesus' significance will be less and you can't love him as much, but that's not the case. Like the Pharisee, we put human hierarchy on sin, but they were as sinful as the prostitute; the difference was she recognised her sin and they did not.

It is not the size of your sin that matters, it is the willingness to recognise that you have sinned. (tweet this)

It's the same willingness that brings this sinful woman to Jesus' feet. Those that have sinned much, hurt deeply, are desperate and in need are already at the point where there is nothing left than to throw themselves at Jesus' feet; the demon possessed man (8:28), the father of a dying child (8:41) and the desperate bleeding woman (8:47).

You do not have to reach the point of desperation to come to the feet of Jesus. Once the demons were driven from the man he was found sitting at Jesus' feet, no doubt hearing the good news. He was no longer desperate and in need but he was there.

Your sin may not be huge in the eyes of the world but any sin is a separation from God, even the sin of thinking you're not that bad.  We have all sinned and need to throw ourselves at Jesus' feet. His grace moves the knowledge of the love and forgiveness that he wants to pour out on you from your head to your heart.

It can be a scary thought, surrendering completely in your relationship with Jesus. What will happen when you bring everything and fall at his feet? The bleeding woman did not seek Jesus out to get into a relationship with him, she had faith enough to just want to touch and be healed.

Jesus felt her need and he sought her out, he calls her to him. She falls at his feet trembling and in fear, no doubt believing she is about to be condemned. Jesus does not condemn her and he will not condemn you. He makes her a witness to her faith, he gets her to tell her story so others can see that it's her faith that has healed her completely.

We all have a story, whether you have had a complete turn around in your life or a gentle journey into his presence. You have been transformed and you have a transformation story to tell.  (Share this and encourage others)

Let's Pray...
Lord, I know that you don't just want bits of me but my whole life, I thank you that you accept me no matter where I have been or come from. Help me to acknowledge that I need forgiveness from my sins big and small. Lord, I come to my knees and fall at your feet, giving you everything.

If God is speaking to you about sharing your story you could start here


  1. I've been a Christian for 18 years!! In the first few years of my journey I struggled to understand whether I was a Christian at all - nothing seemed to have changed. Like most people I guess, I was a good boy! had a good upbringing, no drugs, partying, or drinking - In short there was no skeletons in my closet; no desperate sin to be saved from. I just recognized a different way to live. Speaking to my friends though they saw a huge change in me but the problem was I was benchmarking my salvation against others based on their sin level. What I struggled with was there was no bright light conversion, no burning bush encounter that stated for all to see the change in me was down to JC and JC alone - I was never destined for a train crash for God to rescue me from. Every Christian conference is littered with testimonies proclaiming the change Christ has done in them - 'I used to be a Gangster but now I'm a florist for the Lord'! In these verses we see Christ does seem to say those that are saved from much will love much but as you also say we mere mortals place a hierarchy on sin - Murder = 10 points, adultery = 8 point, fiddling expenses = 6 points stealing stationary from work = 2 points etc. It took me a long, long time to understand sin is sin, is sin! I have been saved from much because I have sinned much - when we understand that only then can we enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus

  2. Hi Tania,
    Thank you for your wonderful series.
    I'm so thankful for all that Jesus has done for me. Leaves me speechless at the amazing gift of Grace.
    Thank you also for kindly sharing my Postcard website :-).