27 days with Jesus - Living in relationship

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Read John chapters 7-9

The gift of new life that Jesus offered the Samaritan woman in yesterday's study, is offered to you today. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit living in you.

Jesus talks about it as streams of living water that flow from within (7:38). In relationship with Jesus the flow is continuous. As you spend time in God's word and in prayer you will be watered like a garden, satisfied, guided and strengthened. (Isaiah 58:11)

What you have been doing by committing to getting into a relationship with Jesus is obeying God, he says to seek first his kingdom. You have chosen to do the will of God an in that his will and word is revealed to you. (7:17)

Why does God give you the Holy Spirit? Why does he give you the same power as Jesus? To use it! Jesus says you are to hold to his teaching (8:31), that means live by it not just read and learn it.

There is a challenge here about the depth of your relationship with Jesus. Most of the teaching we have focused on has been directed at the Pharisee, here Jesus is talking to the Jews, some had believe in him but their faith is weak. Others were still holding to their old laws and habits. They were still living their life the way they wanted.

This is the turning point of your relationship with Jesus, you can say you believe, you can read, pray and attend church but are there things that still hold you captive? The slavery Jesus talks of is the sin in attitude, practice, words and thoughts.

Maybe you've dealt with the big sins in your life, but as you are always changing into Christ likeness, what is God challenging you about now? it can be the smallest habits that are the hardest to break. I am a control freak and as a woman and a wife I am of course always right! This is not a godly attitude. Having to have control or to be right may seem like silly little things but they are the things in my heart that cause me to stumble with God.

There is teaching in God's word on every sin of the heart and for me I need to give control over to God and trust in him always (Proverbs 3:5-6) and I need to accept that I am not better and always right (Philippians 2:3-8). In fact I could go on in Philippians 2 and do everything without grumbling!

When I came to Jesus we worked on the big issues that were affecting the way I lived my life, but we do not turn around from everything all in one go. There are always going to be little things that need bringing to the cross.

Jesus wants you to know true freedom, he does not condemn you or hold these things up to make you look bad. I can feel embarrassed to admit these flaws in my character and I may worry what others will think of me but I am assured that Jesus does not condemn me. In fact as you face and admit these things he celebrates because in recognition you are ready to accept revelation to change.

Stay in relationship with Jesus do not allow your mind to close or your heart to harden. It can be easy to say, you don't know what I've been through, it is part of me to act this way or I've always done it, it's part of who I am. Let me tell you, it is the enemy that hardens your heart and mind to change, it is part of who you were, who you are now is a child of God and heir with Jesus.

The power of Jesus and revelation of God lives in you through the Holy Spirit. (Tweet this)

His Spirit can only live in you because you have been cleansed and have a new heart that is turned toward God. (EZekiel 36:25-27). Many people have a little piece of their heart or mind that is hidden and in darkness, today is the day to let that go and give it over to God. When you allow the Spirit living in you to have full freedom in you, he will lead you to live in imitation of Christ.

Let's pray...
Lord, thank you for giving me your Spirit, it amazes me that I have the same power in me as Jesus had. I know that I do not live in that power daily because of the things in my life that keep me from living in full freedom. Lord, I don't want these things to separate me from the life you have given me, help to recognise and change the sins that still enslave me.

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  1. Do you remember damming up streams in the park when you were a kid? I did! My brother and I would use stones, moss and mud to try and stop the flow. But always the dam would burst and the water would surge out until it reached its normal level. We can try and hold it back and control the living water but ultimately it is futile.

    Here you mention the things that hold us back - habits, additions, lack of commitment, lack of faith even.

    Picture the scene. You are in a prison cell and each jail bar has the name of a sin you are holding onto written on it - you choose! Bitterness, guilt, doubt, resentment, rejection the list is personal and endless. Each time you give that sin (which is not yours to hang onto in the first place remember!) it disappears. But it takes time to give each one up; prolonging the sentence. But in the lock is a key with one word on it - Jesus..!

    Jesus came to set us free, once we accept him the only thing holding us in prison is us!