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Read Matthew chapters 25-27

Coming to the end of Matthew maybe you can see the difference between relationship and religion, but are you asking "Why do I need a personal relationship with God?"

We are supported throughout our Christian life by our church, our friends who pray for us, great teachers who deliver God's word and a whole host of studies, seminars and conferences that break down God's word into easy to understand applications for life.

This is much easier than wading through Bible chapters, trying to figure out what Jesus is saying to you and wrestling with the challenges this will throw up.

It's all preparation. You cannot pass your driving test by being in the back of a car as someone else takes lessons. At some point you need to get in the front and do it yourself.
You cannot live your Christian life through someone else's faith. (Tweet this)

Read the parable of the ten virgins again. If you do not have your own lamp filled with oil, or yourself filled with the Holy Spirit, there will be no chance to borrow it.

At the end of time we will all stand in judgement, the righteous will be separated to receive the inheritance of eternal life. How will you be recognised? If you are in a relationship with Jesus, that is who God will see. When you are in a close relationship with someone you imitate them. Children take on characteristics of their parents, husband and wife have similar traits and those in relationship with Jesus behave like him.

You love as he loves, you care as he cares and give as he gives. We have seen him touch, love and give to those in need. You will be united with Christ having the same mindset. See how Paul explains it to the Philippians, you will be recognised as a child of God blameless and pure.

You will stand alone before the throne in the presence of God and because you have nurtured your relationship with Jesus, making him a priority and imitating his way, you will be recognisable as an heir with Christ.

Are you prepared to stand in judgement and give an account? What are you doing to keep you own lamp filled? Are you recognisable as a child of God?

Let's pray...
Lord, I thank you that you surround me with a great cloud of witnesses through church and friends. I appreciate all the great teaching and books that are available, but Lord I don't want those things to be my faith. I want a personal and close relationship with you, so that the lines between me and Jesus are so blurred, God sees his child. Help me Lord to make drawing closer to you the priority in my life.

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  1. I full up my spiritual oil lamp mostly through participating in great worship. I seem to understand the messages given my our pastors and even remember them on Monday! But the times when God really speaks to me in during worship - The Forge is just one occasion; free and open expression of faith and passion in Him. I was on mission once when we the singing was in Russian but the spirit was moving and despite the language barrier I felt Christ there. We are all different and respond to the spirit in different ways - find your spiritual fuel station and give thanks that we, in the UK are free to worship.