What do women in the UK have to say? An invitation to blog.

I love blogging and I love reading them. Friday afternoon is my blog time where I sit back in a comfy chair and read through my favourite blogs of the week.

What I noticed recently, as I read through, was that most of the blogs were written by women based in America, that's great and I love them. It's a big country and there's a lot more women.

But I got to wondering what I might be missing out on here in the UK, what do the Christian women of this little Isle have to say? So I want to pull together a host of Christian women blogging from the UK (not necessarily British) and share their insights, their words and their love of Jesus.

I am inviting women, because I write for women, I connect with women and my desire is to encourage other women and help them grow as bloggers and as readers. I do read blogs by men and have nothing against them, it is just where my heart lies right now (so please don't be offended).

This is a call to the female blogging society in the UK, I would like to share you around the globe. During November I want to feature UK bloggers and share your blogs through various media. Let's get a little more love for the UK women in the Christian blogging world.

Are you intrigued, do you want to put your best British foot forward? All you need to do is write a blog post between 300-500 words, email it over to me and it will be posted, shared and loved at some point in November. It remains your material and I know some say don't post it on your own site as well, but that's up to you, as is linking back to this site. I want women to write in their own style and do not want to be too prescriptive in topic whilst keeping it relevant to where my heart lies, so I would ask that your post is centred around one of these ideas:

  • How you live and maintain a relationship with Jesus
  • How Jesus has changed your life
  • How God works in your singleness
  • Putting God at the centre of your marriage

Please also send a paragraph about yourself with a photo, a link to your website and links to all of your social media sites. I will be sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+

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  1. Oh wow! I am so excited for this! I have been looking for blogs by Christian women outside the US! Wahoo! How often will you post these?

  2. Hey Deborah, I am still receiving posts in, it will start on Monday 3rd with at least 2 posts per week - pop your email address in the box on the top right to get the posts straight to your inbox so you don't miss any - Bless you for your encouragement :)