Ephesians 1 - Belonging in the glory

Do you ever wonder if you are worthy to be in a relationship with Jesus? Can you really be accepted as a part of his family? How are you qualified to be living for his glory?

I have not come across a single believer that doesn't ponder these questions at some point on their journey.

How can you live for his glory, in a relationship with him if you're not even sure you should be there!

God never leaves us in doubt. He is your Father in heaven who wants you to know how much he loves you. He puts reminders throughout scripture of how special you are. The first chapter of Ephesians is like a culmination of God's love, acceptance, blessing and mercy over you.

Just in the first half of chapter 1, verses 3-14, you can see how you belong, read it slowly his love comes thick and fast.

  • You have been blessed by God, not just a little but with every spiritual blessing (verse 3)
  • You have been chosen by God, not only when you have been good but before the creation of the world (verses 4 & 11)
  • He loves you, not because of anything you've done but because when he looks at you he sees you as Holy and blameless (verse 4)
  • You have been adopted into his family, not as some distant relative but as a son, an heir (verse 5)
  • He adopted you because to have you as part of the family pleases him (verse 5)
  • He has given you glorious grace, favour and mercy (verse 6)
  • You have been redeemed, set free from whatever holds you back; sin, shame, regret, hurt (verse 7)
  • Not only are you free of these things but you have been forgiven of them all (verse 7)
  • The grace that he has given you is not the little you deserve but generously he has lavished it upon you, he is extravagant with what he gives to you (verse 8)
  • He shares his plans, the secrets and mystery of his purpose, for your life and for our world (verse 9)
  • You were made to live and praise his glory (verse 12)
  • You are not just included but sealed with the mark of the Holy Spirit (verse 13)
  • That seal is your guarantee, your inheritance is safe and no-one, not anything, not even your own doubt and self-depreciation can ever take that away (verse 14)

So as you step onto the path of living for God's glory know that you are not only qualified through his grace, but you have been specifically chosen and are accepted through his love. You are made worthy through the blood of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit in you. So stand tall, stand firm and know where you belong. Take a confident step on the path, opening your heart and mind to hear all that God has to say to you.


  1. Ephesians is one of my favorite books in the Bible. I look forward to following along as you share your takeaways from the book. Thanks for visiting me over the weekend . . . love making new connections in this beautiful online world. Blessings.

    1. Thank you Beth - may you find yourself living more in God's glory :)

  2. Overwhelming confirmations of God's everlasting love, grace and forgiveness. Paul's letter are bursting with hope and joy! Thank You Tania, for bringing His words to life and made applicable to everyday struggles with doubts and uncertainty. Peace

    1. You are welcome Maria - May God's hope and joy continue to overwhelm you :)