Release your potential

It has been a full year since I gave up work to commit to Let's Talk About ministries full time and what an exciting year of learning and growth it has been.

I have been thinking about where this ministry will continue to grow through 2015 and about how I could sum up the purpose and vision. I came across 'My One Word' (I know I'm a couple of years behind!) and wondered if I could use just one word to capture the vision.

* * *  R e l e a s e  * * *

That's the word for 2015 for Let's Talk About Ministries. It came from looking at what I do and why I do it. Every aspect of the ministry strives to release the potential in each and every woman.

  • Mentoring - A focused approach to growth through one-to-one support and encouragement.
  • Course - A six week Bible study specifically designed for single women
  • On-line Bible studies - Providing deeper insight into God's word 
  • General blog - Sharing God's word and personal testimony
  • Speaking - Sharing God' word, exploring the Bible and encouraging women in their walk
  • The Singles Network - Encouraging leaders and churches as they seek to support single adults in their community
  • Book - Diving deeper into what is covered in the course for single women (coming soon)

I have been hugely blessed by your prayers and encouragement and I look forward to continuing on this journey with you. Your heart for other women and your hunger to grow and discover your potential has been an inspiration.

So, will you join me in 2015? To grow in your faith, to encourage other women and to serve and worship the God who wants to work in you to release your full potential.

  • Run the 6 week course aimed to encourage single women in their faith
  • Invite Tania to speak at your women’s group or event
  • Set up your own singles ministry
  • Host The Singles Network international Director Kris Swiatocho during her UK tour
  • Recommend women’s conferences where I may be able to have a stand
  • Book one-to-one mentoring

Kris Swiatocho UK Tour is coming to Devon
Training, equipping, Q&A and how to set up single and young adult ministry.
Inspiring talks and teaching.
Spring 2015

Book a training session, a talk or Q&A in your church

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  1. Bless you, Tania--and your ministry--in this upcoming new year!

  2. May 2015 bring joy and fruitful growth to your ministry! Visiting from Coffee for your Heart today. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Ginger :)

  3. Go Tania - I am encouraging you on as you grow your ministry. May the Lord bless it and keep it. Cheering you on with some big pom poms!

    1. Thanks Kelly and loving your cheerleading link up - I've read so many encouraging posts :)