A simple faith

I have been spending a lot more time reading than writing over the last month - so I am sorry if you have being missing your look at being in relationship with Jesus from me. As readers you all love a good book, so what have I been reading? I have put down all novels and books about the Bible and am concentrating on communicating with God through his word and simply reading the Bible.

I am discovering more about the relationship God wants with me and with you. I've been seeing how much he loves us and what he would give to have us close to him. By stripping it back to only God's word I am finding a simple faith.

Thoughout the Old Testament there are lists of rules. These rules cover everything about how you live and worship, what you give and wear, your rights and rituals and the days for each thing. It is complicated and there are rules within the rules.

You can't just offer an animal for sacrifice; it has to be a certain animal, of a certain age and without defect. The way in which it is slaughtered, dealt with and disposed of in itself is complicated.

Deuteronomy 28 outlines the abundant blessings available to those who obey all the commands, followed by the curses for those who don't. Did the Israelites ever really stand a chance when faced with so much complication and ritual?

Disobedience ruled and the curses followed, but God loves his people and he wants us to be in a relationship with him, and so he made it simple.

Rather than another set of rules, he sent Jesus to show us the way to live. Jesus doesn't just point us in the right direction, he proves that it is possible to live it. He was born fully human into our world, saw our kind of living and chose another way to live.

Jesus was also fully God and it can be discouraging to think that maybe it wasn't as hard for him as it is for us. After all, he had direct access to God, but he gives us that too. God gives us the Holy Spirit so that we can live out the life he chooses for us.

What is that life? Simply, loving God and loving others. Everything Jesus did, every way he lived and every word he spoke came from a heart that loved God and loved others.

We still try to make it complicated; we add denominations, worship styles, dress rules, worship rules, kneel to pray, stand to pray, raise hands, clasp hands... and it goes on. None of these things are what Jesus did - love God, love others.

God accepts us just as we are, a little messed up and likely to get it wrong. He knows we make mistakes and so he sacrificed Jesus to give us forgiveness, to make us righteous and to show us love.

Keep it simple - Follow Jesus; love God, love others and live a simple faith.

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