Tearing down idols

Entering a New Year is a time for new beginnings. A time to leave the things of the past behind, to let go of what is holding onto us and holding us back.

My word for 2015 is 'Release', this word came from my desire and God's call on my life to enable others to release their full potential in God.

As I embark on this new year of encouraging others to be released, I am challenged about what I need to be released from to fully focus on him. I want my worship and devotion to be Jesus directed and to learn full obedience.

The challenge as I take the first step into this New Year is identifying the things in my life that are idols. What is it that takes my time and attention? What distracts me from spending time with God?

Social media is certainly one of those things, but it is also a big part of my ministry as I connect with and encourage you.

My other time consumer is Television. I have a habit of putting it on to watch a certain program and not switching it off again. I do find it a good way to unwind and slow down but it is also a distraction and tool for pracrastination!

It is an 'idol' that I am going to tear down and master. In 2 Chronicles 34 Josiah purged the land and temples of idols, cleansing the land by removing the altars and items of worship and distraction from God. 

Josiah worked through the land destroying idols over a period of 6 years. Removing and reforming the things in our lives takes time, it can be an idol to worry too much over the things that distract us from God. 

Your life with God is a journey and he is already at work in you to remove the things that are a distraction from reaching your full potential in him. (Tweet this)

Is there an idol in your life you're ready to tear down? Is there an area of your life that you are ready to master? Is there a step of obedience you want to take towards God? 

How can you release your full potential? Would you like help to achieve this? Have a look at the Mentoring page and see how I can help.


  1. "It can be an idol to worry too much over the things that distract us from God." That's a zinger. Better to simply re-turning our focus. Release is such a good word. I'm glad I jumped over today from Jennifer's where we're neighbors. Happy New Year, Tania.

    1. Welcome Sandra thank you for your encouragement. I'd like other readers to check out Sandra own 'Word' for the year it's a good one http://sandraheskaking.com/2014/12/motivated-mad-one-word/

  2. Great post, Tania! Definitely something for me to ponder on.