It's all lies!

We allow many people to speak into our lives.

Some speak goodness, love and positivity. They are the people who build you up and want to see you grow.

Others speak negativity, put you down and question your worth. These people do not even need to be present today, their words may have been spoken over you many years ago.

Why is it that the negative words have a way of sticking? Negativity has a way of niggling, especially during difficult or low times.

Those words can become a part of who you think you are. They have been spoken so often or by someone you loved that they have become truth.

What negative words spoken over you have you accepted? Unlovable? No good? Dirty? Worthless? Fat? Ugly? ...

Did you know it's all lies?
None of those things are true, that word that keeps haunting you, that has attached itself to your person, it's a lie!

The questions concerning your worth, who you are, how good you are and what you are capable of, have already been answered by God.

You are loved (Romans 5:8)
You are accepted (Romans 15:7)
You are chosen (John 15:16)
You are worth dying for (John 3:16)
Your life has meaning and purpose (Ephesians 1:11)
You are equipped for good work (2 Timothy 3:17)

Those negative lies creeping in are from the enemy as he seeks to hold you back from all you are capable of in the strength of God.

You are a threat to the enemy, who knows your worth and recognises the gifts God has given you (tweet this).

When you live in the freedom of knowing you are loved and cherished, when you are reaching for the potential that God has placed in you, when you are living for him - you are a threat!

Do not allow the words of the enemy to hold you back - the enemy has already been defeated by the death of Jesus. You are living with the power of Jesus in you.
God is walking right there beside you whispering truths.
Listen to his voice and be a threat of goodness to the world around you.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32 (NIV)

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  1. Amen! He who set us free, has made us free indeed! We don't need to go and get strapped down. Great word Tania, great word. Cheering you on from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith

    1. Thanks for your encouragement and for hosting Kelly :)

  2. Tania,
    When I read your post, I thought of the song by Casting Crowns..."The Voice of Truth"...which talks about many voices talking to us (including that of the enemy) but ultimately we need to choose to listen to the voice of Truth. Thanks for urging me on to do just that!

    1. Great song Bev - here's the link to it if anyone else wants to have a listen

  3. I feel like shouting "preach it". The truth that the enemy has been defeated needs to be spoken everyday and we need to hold this in our heart when the negative decides to take over. Blessed by your words today!

    1. Shout away Mary, thanks for your encouragement so pleased they blessed your day :)