Desperately seeking love

I wanted to be loved, I needed to be wanted and if I I'm wanted I'm loved... Right?

Relationships are everywhere; the movies, TV, media and celebrities feed the belief that being sexy means being beautiful. 

The woman with the low-cut dress and flirty smile gets the heart throb. The young woman with no confidence finds a whole new person inside herself when she sleeps with the guy who is chasing her. 

Really.. is it true? Does sex give you confidence? Does sexy win the man? 

Well, surprisingly, yes! Now I guess you weren't expecting that, but what society, the media and movies trade on is the feeling that comes with sex that's like a drug.

Sexual intimacy releases endorphins, the feel good chemicals in your brain. Sex was not only created to produce children but for pleasure, it is supposed to be enjoyable, to feel good and to make you feel special. So special, that it was made to be shared with someone special. God created sex for marriage.

I didn't know that. All I knew was that in that moment, for a time I felt special. The more I gave of myself the more I felt loved, I was hooked. When I dressed sexy I got attention, when I flirted I was held in someone's arms. Why wouldn't I give a little bit more? When I was touched I felt loved, I felt beautiful.

The truth is though I wasn't loved and the attention didn't come because I was beautiful. I got attention because I was available and willing. There was love but it was based on a myth, a feeling that came and went. Every time I wanted that feeling, I needed sex to get it. It looked just like the love that was shown on TV. It was only later I discovered that love doesn't look like that.

When I found Jesus I discovered a love that had nothing to do with my body. The beauty that was seen in my body is short lived compared to the beauty in my heart. Giving away the beauty of my body damaged the beauty in my heart. In his grace God restored it.

Through a new relationship, without sex before marriage, I discovered the meaning of what God created. It was a relationship built on friendship and getting to know a person not a body. It's a relationship where I am respected for my opinion, loved through conversation, treasured by spending time together and feeling beautiful from a look of love and not a look of lust.

What often follows the love and romance of movie style relationship is the hurt and pain of heartbreak. Shallow love is built on the surface of what can be seen on the outside.

"Deep love is built on deep and hidden foundations, deep love touches the heart." <<<~ Tweet This

Yes, being sexy gets the man and sex makes you feel beautiful but both are short lived and shallow. If you want a relationship that will last go for the man who loves you in your sweat pants and makes you feel beautiful when you laugh, talk and hang out. 

If the man before you only sees beauty through touch, your heart will lack the loving it deserves. Your beauty is hidden deep beneath your skin and a man walking with God is willing to take the time to reveal it.

Are you willing to wait for the man who is touched by God to touch your heart before he touches your body?

"Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised" Proverbs 31:30

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  1. Love, love, love this post. So well written - thought provoking, to the point and pure truth. So bold of you to step out and share this much needed message. Joining you from Kelly Balarie's RaRaLinkup and so glad I did!