Hungry women inspire a ministry

Let's Talk About Ministries started by accident. Except there are no accidents when God is in control, I never set out to start a ministry or write a book. All I wanted to do was feed a group of hungry women.

My group of single friends poured out their hearts, their frustrations and their questions. Newly married, I'd lived the single life not just as a Christian, but as a mother and a non Christian. I knew what it was like to be single on both sides of faith and I'd experienced relationship and sex inside and outside of marriage.

When I gave my life to Jesus I asked a lot of questions. I was going from an active dating and sex life into a new way of living, a way of doing it differently. I scoured the Bible and asked awkward questions. Being told that the Bible says "no" wasn't enough for me, that didn't tell me how to live out this new life. I wanted to know what God said and why.

It wasn't just me, my single friends and many women like them are looking for more clarity on what the Bible actually says about sex and relationships. I was shocked to realise that many of these women were brought up in church with a fear of sex. They'd been told that sex would send them to hell or that God would be mad at them if they looked at a boy.

I knew, from what I'd learned about God, that he had not made sex to be feared or to be something bad or shameful. God created sex to be enjoyed and to be a safe expression of love in relationship. What I didn't know was how best to communicate that.

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It was the hunger of this group of women that drove me to take all that I had learned in the Bible about singleness, dating, sex, relationships and marriage and try and break it into easy teachable studies. With the blessing of my Pastor I took this group and ran a six week Bible study with them focusing purely on what God had to say about sex and relationships.

That was it. That was my plan but God had other ideas!

I was in the middle of a women's ministry course and sent the study to my tutor so she could see what I had been doing, a few months later she requested six copies for a group of young women heading to University. I hastily printed it into a booklet and sent them off.

It was at that point I realised God had birthed this in me, not just for my friendship group but for all single women. I spent a year rewriting and editing before self-publishing the Let's Talk About Sex and Relationships study book and course that is available today.

Speaking engagements came, study groups called and one to one support and encouragement developed and a ministry was born. 'Let's Talk About' because that's what we need to do, talk to each other with God at the centre. I named the website from the tagline Live Love Share.
The life I had lived led to a conversation with women I loved and a desire to see God's plan for relationships and sex shared with others.

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