Breaking down walls

I build walls to keep my emotions in - to stop myself saying something I shouldn't, reacting, to stop myself loving when I don't feel loved, to protect myself from being vulnerable. The problem with keeping it all locked in, is that it often feels like I've put myself in prison!

I build walls to keep people out - to stop them getting to close, to stop them hurting me, to stop them loving me so I don't feel vulnerable. The problem with keeping the gate locked is that you soon find that no-ones comes to visit!

Today I am going to start smashing down the walls and allow myself to:
  • be vulnerable
  • love 
  • be loved
  • get hurt
  • get up when I trip over
  • let people in
  • let myself out

The wall will be smashed and things will be different when I can get out and others can get in.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for that post. It sums up how I used to be...however I've since broken down a few walls. I feel more vulnerable in some ways, yet much more sensitive to others...