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Welcome to my website I'm Tania and I'm so glad you’re here. Pull up a chair, a big comfy one, kick off your shoes and put your feet up. Help yourself to a steaming cup, (I love coffee) or an ice cold drink and Let’s Talk…

I believe God uses the stories of our lives and I’d love to hear yours. 
It’s through our stories that we can encourage, build up, come alongside and love others. So here’s a bit of mine … (Click on the links to get the full story). Have a read and then hang around a while, on this website you will find articles, devotionals, resources and my own stories of ‘Living in relationship with Jesus’.

"I was distracted early in life by boys, I desperately wanted to be loved and I discovered boys fulfilled that need. As long as I was giving them what they wanted I could get all the attention I craved. I learned that sex had power and my body was my most powerful weapon. Later (much later) I realised there was no real love and the fulfilment lasted only a moment.

Before this discovery my destructive behaviour led to suicide attempts, self harming and a stay in a mental health unit. After 15 years of abuse by myself and others I discovered God and my life turned around - not a miraculous overnighter but a slow steady climb. I learnt to fight against the desires of my body and discovered my true worth and real love.

After years of being a single adult and a single mother, God brought a wonderful man into my life and made him my husband in 2005. Marriage is not all plain sailing but we keep God at the centre and life is ‘normal’ - whatever that means!

It is life then and now, and the changes God has made in me that I share to encourage other women.

When I became a Christian at 28 I didn't know there were taboo subjects in church, things you just don't talk about! So I talked and asked awkward questions, and people responded with hunger to real conversations about real issues, real hurts and real life.

It was the hunger of a group of women to talk about sex and relationships in the real world that led me to write Let’s Talk About Sex and Relationships. I wanted to share what I had learned about God’s perfect plan for marriage and my own experience of sex outside of marriage to encourage women to wait for God’s best.

That first six week course in 2011 was the conception of Let’s Talk About Ministries which now has it’s own dedicated website. At the heart of the course is relationship and not just between man and woman. The ultimate relationship is between humankind and God. 

It is this relationship with God that inspires my passion as a Christian speaker to teach God's word and encourage women into a deeper relationship with God."

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