Speaking and teaching God's word is my passion. To allow God to use me to reach women with the message he wants to reveal to them is an exciting and humbling experience. I have always believed that whether in a room of 5, 50 or 500 women, if God uses me to speak to just one woman then His purpose has been fulfilled.

I love speaking to women young or old about their value; the older because they often think they've lost it and the young because they haven’t yet discovered they've got it.

I am passionate about teaching the Word of God and making it relevant in today's world and life situations.

I love sharing devotions, taking women deeper into the Word of God and seeing it change lives and relationships. More recently I have been sharing openly about my battle with depression and mental health and how God has worked in my life.

Listen to some of my recent talks ...

Other titles include:
  • A light in the darkness - Living with depression
  • Living in Relationship with Jesus
  • The power of the Promise - embracing the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • Do you know how valuable you are?
  • Ordinary woman - extraordinary God
  • A woman like Ruth - Purity living
  • Giving your child to God
  • The journey of a story

Book me to speak ...
One of the biggest barriers to booking a speaker for your women's event or group is often cost. I believe that speaking is a gift and calling from God and I trust in his provision and as such I do not have a fixed fee, if God wants me to speak at your event I will not hinder that by making it unaffordable.
Let's Talk About Ministries is completely self-funded and relies completely on donations and I would ask that you pay only what you can afford and my travel costs. You can what organisers have said after I have spoken at their events on the 'What others say' page.

The Get Real Conference is for girls aged 13-25 runs twice a year and I have been blessed to have been involved in this quickly growing ministry from the beginning in 2013, leading seminars on real and relevant topics for today's young women. Here's what it's all about ...

Feedback from the Get Real Conference February 2014
'In Tania's seminar, I thought about how much I compare myself to others and it annoys me. In her seminar, God told me that I don't need to put myself down all the time and compare myself to others because God made me like this and he didn't make any mistakes'

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