What Others Say

     "We welcomed Tania Vaughan to speak at our Women's Breakfast. What an amazing time it was hearing such an open and honest testimony about Tania's life and the struggles she has been through and still goes through. 
Her recounting of how she came to know God through just one decision that changed her life was an inspiration to all who had the honour of hearing her speak. To say that she touched the heart of many women that morning was borne out by the number who went to her afterwards for prayer and to share with her about their circumstances. Tania's genuineness and willingness to 'lay herself bare' to us will continue to be remembered for a long time by us women."

 ~ Ali Cohen, St John the Baptist Church, Keynsham.  


     "Tania shared her experiences and feelings in a way that every woman could relate to. Her message was inspiring and yet easy to understand and take in as an alternative way to view life’s problems. A way which could indeed free us from stressing over unimportant demands. Tania has a friendly and open personality and our guests found her easy to chat to.
The team at Springs of Living Water look forward very much to welcoming Tania back one day and would certainly recommend her as a speaker for ladies event."

                                  ~ Jacki Rodikis, Springs of Living Water

     "For the past six Get Real Girls Conferences, I have invited Tania to come and speak in either the main session or through a workshop. Get Real is a Ministry aimed at young women from across the bay. 
Tania's style ensures that young women are inspired, enriched and ultimately challenged to be more like Jesus in their lives. 
Tania delivers in a way that is accessible and balances her talks so that they are engaging, interactive and inspiring. 
Tania is a pioneer for equipping people to live a life that is set free from worldly expectations and is able to empower people to see themselves for who they really are; children of God. I am thankful to her as an inspiration and a Friend."

~ Maria Orton, Children & Youth Pastor, Brixham Baptist Church

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